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Joseph Mwema

A Software Engineer by Profession. I however like to think of myself as a Biometrics Engineer because I often find myself, most of the time, doing Software Projects related to Identity Management and Access Control using a variety of Biometric Scanners.

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About Me

I am a Software Engineer ( Biometrics Engineer ) who Helps Companies, Organizations, Institutions and SMES like You to Develop, Integrate & Support Biometric Software Solutions for Identity and Access Management (IAM) in Windows, Linux, Web, Android, RaspberryPi & Cloud.

What do I do as a Biometric Engineer?

In this Position, I Develop Biometrics Software solutions using a variety of Programming Languages and Web Technologies including but not limited to Java, C#.NET, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript, NodeJS, Python, ASP.NET. I also Develop and integrate Biometrics Identity Solutions in Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Cloud and Web Computing Platforms.

I also do Software Integrations, Software Maintenance and Systems Support for Software Applications that run on Web, Windows and Linux.

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  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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My Services

Looking for a CONTRACTOR? Do you NEED an EXTRA PAIR of HANDS to HELP you with your SOFTWARE PROJECT? I can HELP you with ANY / ALL of the following below listed Services:

Software Development

I can lend you a Helping hand to Develop custom Software for Biometric Authentication whether it be on Linux, Windows, Android, Web etc.

Software Integrations

I can Help you integrate at the base level two or more separate Software Applications to seamlessly work together and synchronize their operations to assist you leverage the best of both ends abstracted in one front-end.

Software Systems Support

Need Professional support for your Software System to guarantee its 99.9% service availabity 24/7 to your end users? I got seaseoned hands here that you can Trust to Help you with reliable Tech Support!.

Web Integrations

Not only do I have many years of experience coding on Web and seeing Web Technologies evolve over the years, I can meddle with just about anything Web related and deliver a fully functional Web integration that meets your Organization's requirements.

Software Maintenance

Does your Software Application need an additional functionality added onto it or an existing feature modified to peform an extra task? Delegate that to me and rest easy! I will be notifying you to review the finished work in a short turn around time.

DevOps Engineer Tasks

Looking for the expertise of someone who can wear different hats during the various stages of Software Development, Testing, Deployment? You can bank on me to Bridge that Gap for you 95% of the time and Help you with Server Side of things too!.

Have a Software Project that you need Help with?

I am always interested, eager and ready to work on those [ hard nuts to crack ] that no one else wants to handle. Is your Software Project one of those that no one else in your team is available to take it up? and you are looking for someone to lend you a helping hand? How about you just leave it to me and let me handle it for you. Right?

Biometric Software Integration DEMO Videos

Over the years that I have worked as a Biometrics Engineer, I have done multiple Biometric integration Projects on Windows, Linux, Android, Web and RaspberryPi using a wide variety of Biometric Scanners manufactured by various diverse Biometric Scanner Companies. Some of these Biometric integrations include the following;

My Pricing Plans

I offer the following competitive market prices for Companies, Organizations, Institutions and SMEs that would like to enlist for my Tech Expertise and Professional Help to assist them solve their Business Problem with a Software Solution that addresses their requirement with desired Result, Urgency and to their Satisfaction.


Suitable for basic tasks like e.g. improving an existing software feature, systems support and software maintenance.



Suitable for time bound projects with clear cut objectives and looming deadlines in the horizon that a client needs help to beat.



Suitable for those Projects where I have to block weeks / months ahead to work full time on a particular client's project only.


From The Blog

Whenever I do an interesting Biometric integration, I usually endeavor to write an accompanying Blog Post about it and then share it on my official Blog. Curious to check out some of my previous Blog Posts? Check them out here below;

Get In Touch

Want to reach out to me? Here below is the E-mail address through which you can use to establish contact with me.


I live in Nairobi, Kenya